Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm back, gentle readers, after an admittedly long absence.  In the time I've been away, I've gone back to New York, packed everything, put it on a moving van, come back to Oklahoma, had all of my furniture and boxes delivered, unpacked most of it, painted most of the house, and, oh yeah, I've been working, too.

So, I'm really tired, but I want to get these pictures posted for all of you.  That means they won't be in any real order, but since most things in my life are chaotic right now, this blog will just be a reflection of my current reality.

Here we go!

New bathroom light fixture, courtesy of Father of Ken's master electrical skills:

New faucet in the bathroom, courtesy of Father of Ken, master plumber: 

The shirt I happened to be wearing to work on the house when I met my elderly neighbor, Mr. Martin:

The study with the new light fixture, but before it was painted:

Our makeshift "table" the weekend that my furniture arrived:

New kitchen:

The bathroom before we did some major work in there:

Hall cabinet with new glass knobs:

My bedroom before we painted it:

My temporary bedroom set up when this was all of the furniture Kenna and I had:

The second bathroom:

Cool stove/oven:

The garage with the old washer and dryer:

Empty living room with the chest of drawers that Mother and Father of Ken brought from Kansas and Kenna lounging around while we worked:

She loves to look out the sliding glass door:

My stove/oven lights up!

This reminds me of one of the "Reminiscing" posts I did:

Cutting shelf liner:

There was a lot of shelf liner to replace in this house...

Kenna looking out the door:

New knobs on the kitchen cabinets:

 New rug for the patio:

 Preparing to paint the living room:

Painting the study:

Putting my new bed together:

The small bathroom, after we took the medicine cabinet down and painted--the mirror and shelf will be hung soon:

 My bedroom after we painted and put things back:

The hallway, after we painted (ignore my clothes drying):

The larger bathroom, with the beginnings of Halloween decorations:

Well, that's it for now--I'm supposed to close on the house tomorrow (this has been quite a journey, so I won't believe it until I hand the check over).  I'll tell you the Tale of Two Closings another time, but I wanted to give you an update on what's been going on.  We'll finish painting the inside of the house this coming weekend, hang things on the walls, and hopefully I'll finish unpacking things soon.  I could never have done this much so quickly without the help of Mother and Father of Ken, who have been here almost every weekend since I moved here.  It is definitely starting to feel like home and I'm really glad to have my furniture and TV service after several weeks without either.