Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Didn't Start the Fire

This sign certainly grabs one's attention.  I think McKenna even noticed it as we drove by yesterday.

The following questions come to mind, though.  

1.  What is the purpose of scaring people with this imagery?  To get them to call the phone number?

2.  Okay, I called the phone number.  There is nothing to indicate what person or group is responsible for the phone number or for the sign.  It asks you to enter your party's extension or press zero to speak to an operator.  I couldn't bring myself to go that far, so I ask, why don't the people who paid for this billboard provide the name of the organization they represent either on the billboard or in the greeting of the automated phone message?  Who are they?

3.  Do you think they paid extra to have the billboard space right next to the Harley store (or at least specified the location)?

You know you're in the middle of writing a dissertation when you see something like this and take a photo not just for your blog, but also because you think you might be able to use it for future dissertation presentations.

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