Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Take the Long Way Home

Today, I went to visit Grambi and Aunt of Ken and I took the long way home to show you gentle readers the Kansas countryside.  First, though, check out Grambi's crabapple tree, which is loaded.  Crabapple jelly for everyone!

After a day of shopping and a trip through northeastern Oklahoma to get fresh blueberries, I headed home the long way.  This required me to drive a Chevy Tahoe on dry gravel roads, which requires some skills that I haven't used since I learned to drive in a Ford F-150 extended cab long bed (slightly shorter than a school bus) on gravel roads when I was 14.  For those of you who have never done this, it is like driving on marbles.  Apparently Uncle of Ken used to drive down these roads in excess of 90 mph.  Father of Ken denies involvement in these shenanigans.  

So, I bring you the fields of Kansas in the summer, beginning with "amber waves of grain:"

Also corn:

Probably soybeans:

More corn--I thought it was so pretty with the wind blowing through the fields:

More soybeans, just coming up:

After I got back on the highway and almost back to the town where Mother and Father of Ken live, I got stuck behind a farmer hauling some cattle to the stockyards.  That amounts to 45-50 mph on a 65 mph highway.  So, I spent some quality time with my future dinner:

Finally, home...

...to Piper and Boomer:

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M said...

I love your house! Maybe because there are so many memories attached to it. Swimming, walking to College Algebra, being attacked by your dogs. Oh and your dad still hasn't drawn up the house plans for me yet.