Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hazy Shade of Winter: Oklahoma 2011, Part II

So, Kenna and I are still stuck at home and we have our third snow day in a row.  I took this picture in my yard of the snow that has blown around--I thought it looked cool:

Today I tackled the driveway since the high winds died down.  It is still very cold, around 0 with the wind chill, but I managed to shovel/sweep a path from the garage door to the street:

The layer underneath is ice with a little snow stuck to the top.  I tried to shovel early so that I could put a layer of salt down while the sun was out and now I can see patches of pavement.

The official measurement here was 8 inches and thankfully, the wind blew a lot of it off of the driveway yesterday, so I had between 6 and 2 inches to shovel. 

The streets still haven't been plowed and even though they don't look too bad in the photos below, they are very slick:

So, we have another day off of school because most of the roads are not safe to drive on.  Of course, there are idiots who try to get out there in their four wheel drive trucks even though they don't need to be anywhere.  I cannot tell you how many of those morons I have seen sliding around just in my neighborhood.  Stay off of the roads so that they can be plowed and so that you don't get stuck or have an accident!

I really hope that we're able to get out of here by Friday--I'm getting a little sick of being at home.

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