Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cut Me Off - Another Update

I am finally back to tie up some loose ends from Halloween, beginning with the pumpkins from the pumpkin carving party that I had to throw away the Monday after Halloween. McKenna's pumpkin and my pumpkin looked okay after a week, although they were getting pretty soft. Jessica's pumpkin lost part of its face, as you can see. It actually looked pretty good until about Thursday, which is longer than I thought it would last.

In other Halloween news, McKenna finally got the costume of her dreams courtesy of her Aunt Leah, who searched Target stores from New York to Maryland for the correct size. Like her mother, McKenna doesn't like to buy things unless they are on sale, so she waited to purchase a Halloween costume until things were half off. She would have waited longer, but then the only costumes left are dumb things like bees and she wanted to be a lobster:

She was very good to model her costume for the camera:

Those of you who know McKenna know that she loves fashion. She doesn't wear clothes very often, although she has a sweater that was a gift from her cousin Mocha and a coat that she bought for less than a dollar in Dallas before we moved to New York. She also has a nice collection of bandanas courtesy of her Aunt Piper and Uncle Boomer, who get them when they go to the "spa" and send them to her. She was very excited to have her first Halloween costume--probably the only one she will ever have.

Here she shows off the back:

One of the reasons that she loves her lobster suit so much is that it is stuffed, so she sees it as a built in bed. She spent quite a while relaxing on the floor like this:


Leah said...

She looks PHENOMENAL! I'm so glad it fits her!

Melissa said...

So cute! I actually want to get Rascal a bee costume next year because that's what I fully intend to be and we can be a mommy and baby bee. Hee hee.

Ken said...

I am sure that Rascal will be an awesome bee--McKenna can visit him in her lobster suit and grab him with her claw ;-)

Leah said...

Carter, where on earth are you going to find a bee suit small enough to fit your guinea pig?
Side note - you should put pictures of him in his Halloween costume up on your blog.