Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lady in Red

Some of you gentle readers may recall that I mentioned the demise of my food processor several months ago. I made a cherry pie to take to Maryland and, in the process of making the crust, I burned up my food processor. As in smoking, burned plastic dead. It was a cheap one that lasted longer than it should have.

So, for my birthday, Grandmother and Uncle of Ken asked what I wanted and I told them that I wanted to buy a new food processor. This time, I said, I want a good one and they generously gifted me with mucho dinero to use toward the purchase of my dream machine.

After some serious research involving various relatives, friends, and Consumer Reports, I decided that I wanted to purchase the Cadillac of food processors: the Cuisinart Prep-11 Plus, model DLC-2011. I think I put more thought into the purchase of this appliance than I put into where to go to college.

Once I decided upon a model, I searched far and wide for the best deal and found a red one on closeout clearance from Macy's with 99 cent shipping. The total price was about half of the usual retail price for this model.

The Chosen One arrived today:
I love this because it has all of the necessary pieces to provide maximum usefulness for the food processor, but not a bunch of other crap that I don't need and will have to store. There is the base, the prep bowl, a single top with a wide mouth feed tube (inside of the wide mouth feed tube pusher, there is a smaller feed tube that you can use if necessary, but it all snaps together), the steel blade, the dough blade, the slicing disc, and the grating disc. Everything a girl could want. It even comes with an instructional DVD. I don't believe that I have ever had a kitchen appliance come with an instructional DVD before.

She has taken up residence on the counter next to her sister, the Kitchen Aid mixer, which was a gift for my birthday a few years ago. I am going to be churning out the pies, people. Watch out!

In other cooking news, I tried this recipe for pork roast tonight:

This was very good, although I added some brown sugar to mine and I think that the next time I make this, I will leave the soy sauce out all together. I didn't taste it much in the finished dish, but during the roasting process, it made my house smell like Lo Mein.

Dinner tonight was pork roast (I ended up drizzling some of the cooking liquid over the meat after I took the picture), applesauce, and a baked potato with butter, sour cream, and chives from my garden. As delicious as the pork was, the potato was even better. I'm probably the only person besides Mother of Ken who would wax poetic about a baked potato on her blog, but you know when you get a really good, slightly sweet, perfectly tender baked potato? I get one of these about once or twice a year and I love them. All baked potatoes are good, but some potatoes just come out of the ground tasting better than others. This was so good--I would have eaten four of these potatoes if I had baked more. Okay, I'll stop now ;-)

I think that The Chosen One will have her maiden voyage later this week, making a pie for me to take to Leah's this weekend as an early birthday present. So, Leah, what kind do you want? Peach? Double chocolate (one of my specialties)? Grape? My Grambi made a grape pie once and has never lived it down.


Melissa said...

If it were my birthday, which it's not, or if I were around to eat said pie, which I could be, my vote is double chocolate :)

Leah said...

Actually, I'm intrigued by the concept of grape pie. Tell me more of this.

(But my favorites are peach and cherries, and you know what happened last time you made cherries pie, so I think my choice is peach. Sorry, Carter. I'll make you chocolate cupcakes for your birthday instead.)

Ken said...

As far as grape pie is concerned, this happened before I was born and no one will say much about the taste or texture of said pie. Peaches it is!

liddadog said...

I am a survivor of grape pie. It was first introduced just after the Jonestown Massacre and we called it "Jonestown Pie" because of the distinctive purple color. I don't think anyone had more than one or two bites.

Leah said...

Was there Kool-Aid in it?

liddadog said...

No, I believe one of the main ingredients was Welch's grape juice. This is something else I have rarely partaken of since the grape pie incident.