Monday, September 28, 2009

Right Before Your Eyes

The crazy winds that we have had over the past few days have knocked most of the leaves off of the trees in my yard, but most of the trees in this area haven't turned quite yet. This is one of my favorite trees because it is so perfectly shaped and I never have to do anything with it. I always get sad when the leaves fall off of this tree:

The creek was covered in leaves on Saturday:

In other news, I made a delicious brisket with a side dish of roasted buttercup squash and some fresh French bread over the weekend:

Kenna has a new trick, which she demonstrates in the video below. She is going after all of the brisket remains in the dishwasher:


liddadog said...

I can't wait to see that in person! I hope she doesn't teach that to Piper and Boomer!

Leah said...

Haha, Pants used to do that to the dishes all the time! Better than pre-rinsing them!