Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reminiscing: 500 Tasty Sandwich Recipes

And an extra end of the week treat, 500 Tasty Sandwich Recipes.  This one was published in 1952, a time when limp celery stalks were considered to be the most sophisticated garnish.

Let's get this party started with a fabulous sandwich tray and some shots of tomato juice!  "With deftness and imagination in garnishing, this dazzling array can be prepared from a few simple fillings and spreads."  Presumably, these include chicken liver sandwiches, chicken and egg sandwiches, cottage cheese and egg sandwiches, cottage cheese and jelly sandwiches, and egg and anchovy spread.

Welcome to the wonderful world of sandwich butters, which you can use to create delicacies like this:

For your next party, don't forget that "flavorful prune bread makes tempting cottage cheese sandwiches."

Mmm...tasty.  How do you get cheese to melt like that anyway?

This, gentle readers, just may be an example of the worst food photograph ever taken:

Bacon cheese rolls on the top and cornucopia sandwiches on the bottom right:

Sandwich loaves are always some of my favorites, especially when they are frosted with cream cheese and made to look like tiny cakes:

Wondering what is going on in the top right photo?  Well, gentle readers, that is a sandwich loaf frosted with cream cheese and then sprinkled with egg yolks!

Closed sandwiches might be more your style.  If so, might I suggest the "Man's Delight" or the "Baked Bean Sandwich"?

We've got some real classics here: tongue sandwiches, ham and prune sandwiches, and Jack Horner sandwiches.  It's always fun to cut them into shapes, too.

I have tried to find a recipe that might shed some light on the atrocity in the bottom right corner, but I still can't figure out what that is supposed to be other than an open faced sandwich.  It looks like asparagus spears piled onto sandwich bread with melted Fruit Rollups on top--that can't be, can it?

Nothing like an "Open-Faced Ham Surprise," is there?  Plus, "asparagus tips make these crowns as gay as a new spring bonnet."

Now we're getting serious--double-deckers and triple-deckers!  Nothing like a club sandwich smothered in cheese sauce, especially if it is a liver sausage club.  Look at the recipe for "Pyramid Sandwiches."  In a single (albeit tall) sandwich, you could eat bread, butter, chicken, Russian dressing, lettuce, eggs, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, cream cheese, olives, anchovies, watercress and radishes.

I know I can't wait to make a sandwich now--how about you?

Coming soon:  Oriental Cookery and 250 Ways to Prepare Meat.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

I don't think I could make another sandwich after seeing these. I feel so ... inadequate.