Sunday, August 1, 2010


After almost two weeks of solid chaos (snake removal, house showings, traveling, attempts at professional advancement, etc.), I finally thought that I could spend a day or two like this:

Still, quiet, calm...

I was also in need of some comfort food and some time in the kitchen, so I made chicken breasts breaded with ground almonds and whole wheat breadcrumbs along with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans and a side of cherries:

Grambi sent me a cherry pitter for my birthday, so after I pitted cherries for dinner, I pitted the rest of them for cherry pie.

Grandmother of Ken is fond of telling the story of how her mother made a beautiful fresh cherry pie when they had Grandfather of Ken over to the house for the first time.  Everyone admired the pie and couldn't wait to take a bite, but when they did...they found out very quickly that she had forgotten to pit the cherries.  Of course, it wasn't a total loss--everyone just ate around the pits.

On Saturday, I made mini cherry pies in my little pie pans.  Just use your favorite recipe for crust or a store bought crust and fill with four cups of pitted cherries mixed with a tablespoon and a half of flour and a quarter cup of sugar, divided between three or four mini pie pans.  Dot the tops of the pies with small pieces of butter before you put the top crust on.  Bake at 375 until the crust is golden brown (probably 30-40 minutes).

This is really good, although I think I would cook the cherry mixture separately before filling the pie just to soften the cherries a little more.  I might also add a splash of lemon juice for a flavor contrast.

So, for reasons that I can't yet divulge to the general public, my weekend turned out to be far less relaxing than I had hoped.  I managed to find a few moments of peace and McKenna spent most of her weekend stalking a baby bunny that has taken up residence in our yard.  Here she is letting the bunny know who's in charge around here:

She never moved any closer to the bunny than this, but she gave it the meanest stink eye you ever saw.  I don't think the bunny noticed...

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