Monday, June 23, 2008

Zoobilee Zoo: Another Animal Story

It's official--my house has turned into the Salmon Creek Zoo. The only allowed animal is McKenna, the dog, but many other creatures have taken up residence at our house recently. The inhabitants of the Salmon Creek Zoo include:







And the newest addition to the zoo--bats!

I found a live bat on the stairs going up to my bedroom tonight. Thankfully, it was still wrapped up in its wings and wasn't fully awake yet. After screaming, of course, I ran to the kitchen to grab a plastic storage container and lid. I covered the bat with the container and slid it onto the lid. Then I moved hastily to the back door and onto the porch where I threw both the container and the bat out into the blackness of night, ran back into the house, and locked the door. Sorry, no photos of this--I was too busy removing the bat to take pictures.

I don't know how it got in and I don't care to know, but I do occasionally see bats hanging out on the back of the house like this:

Gentle readers, I tell you this: I would much rather remove a bat from my house than a snake. And if any of you animals are reading this, I implore you to stay out of my house. No good can come of you crossing the threshold into my home. If only there were a "zapper" that worked on multiple creatures...


Leah said...

#1: That is chipmunk is "bizarre." I've never seen a chipmunk with a tail like that. He's very cute, though. If you don't want him, he can come live with me. ;-)

#2: I agree with your bat assessment. The only bat I want in my house is Christian Bale in his batsuit. Or not in is batsuit, if you catch my drift.

#3: Zoobilee Zoobilee, Zoobilee Zoobilee, magic and wonder are waiting for you. It's as close as a dream, and as bright as the brightest blue...welcome to Zoobilee Zoo!

Maile said...

Oh my, your house is starting to sound like Mrs. Friess's worthless biology class sans most of the stupid people we were forced to take it with. Remember when her pet squirrel attached itself to your leg that one day? Your reaction was priceless. Still funny! Do you still gun your car when you see a squirrel crossing the street?

Ken said...

You're right! Where are all of those animal lovers when I need them? That stupid rabid squirrel jumping up my pants leg--he deserved to get thrown across the room. And nobody ever proved that I ran over squirrels on purpose ;-)

Melissa said...

Leah, you should see the chipmunks at work, which are the newest addition to our bldg 1301 menagerie. They have tails that are ridiculously long. I, too, did not realize they had tails like that. But, yes they do.

Taryn, kudos to you for doing what no one I know has ever done, remove a bat alive from their home. I remember one night when I was little, my mom wakes up screaming becuase there's a bat flying around my parents' bedroom. Dad took to it with a of those outdoorsy, barn like brooms. Needless to say, the bat met a fate similar to the rats in your rat zapper.

Erin said...

Bats! I could never remove a live bat from my house. I would be sitting, huddled in a corner rocking until someone came to save me.

Sara said...

Taryn- be super SUPER careful when handling bats. Check yourself for bites you may have received without realizing it-- and figure out a way to seal up your house so you get no more bats. And maybe get a rabies prophylaxis. Seriously. Rabies is fatal, and most people who get it get it from bats, while they are sleeping. Be careful, Ms Chubb!