Monday, June 30, 2008

Heaven is a Place on Earth

There's a little place that I like to visit when I pass through Iola, Kansas. A little place called St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. I happen to know the priest there and have been informed that the recent remodeling of the interior of the church is almost complete. I wish I had before and after pictures, but imagine if 1973 threw up in a church. I'm talking rattan accented ceiling fans, felt paper painted walls, orange tweed upholstery on the pews, and greenish gold carpet. And then imagine gutting pretty much all of that and letting people with slightly more classic taste pick out the new decor. The result looks something like this (there's a little more work to be done, but you'll get the idea):

View from the back of the church toward the altar--new carpet, new wall colors, new lights, new pulpit, and clean church.

View from the choir toward the altar.

Another shot of the altar area, all of which has been repainted.

View of the new light fixtures.

See? It looks gorgeous! I have an eye for these things and I think the new interior is stunning ;-) I can't wait to see it in person. Although it has been a long road, congratulations to Mother Jan and the people of St. Timothy's on a job well done. Now you can be as proud of your church building as you are of the people who fill it each week.


Sue said...

Ken, thanks for the brighter days. I had never thought of warm as a smell until the Rat Zapper Ultra. The church is so beautiful, we can't wait to get the pews back. Keep the critters away until the Bear Zapper Ultra is invented. Sue (St. Tim's)

Leah said...

Yay for Mother Chubb!
And what do you mean "slightly more classic taste?" Are you implying that orange shag carpeting is not classic? Dammit...I had just redone my guest room, too. I guess I'll have to take care of that before you come visit.