Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt, Part II

During our time in Toledo, Ken and Mother of Ken have seen many fashion abominations which we would like to share with you. Although we do not wish to offend anyone, we are not fans of the “shoes” called Crocs. Here is a particularly heinous example glimpsed near the cathedral of Toledo:
The next fashion travesty was perpetrated by a man who was exiting the cathedral. They should have fined him for wearing this particular shirt:

An unfortunate trend we have observed while in Toledo is…HAREM PANTS. We think that M. C. Hammer must have had a rummage sale over here at some point, selling these horrible pants to unsuspecting Spaniards. There is no one over the age of three years old who looks good in these pants. Here’s an example with a bonus—harem pants in animal print!

This is not the worst fashion atrocity we have seen in this city. Spanish women seem to have a propensity for snug pants with large patterns as seen here in the example of the Worst Pants Ever:

We do not want you to think that we see only the negatives in fashion--quite the contrary. On occasion, we see apparel that is pleasing to the eye and comes in a size that humans can wear. We saw this lovely skirt this afternoon:

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Leah said...

"There is no one over the age of three years old who looks good in these pants." Does this mean that you'd put your toddler in Hammer pants? Because I think that might border upon child abuse, just like putting them in Gators.