Monday, January 5, 2009

Boom Boom

My apologies, gentle readers, for not blogging for the past few weeks. McKenna and I drove from New York to Kansas the week before Christmas and she was reunited with her Aunt Piper (the brindle boxer) and her Uncle Boomer (the fawn boxer). The three of them play for most of the day (when they aren't sleeping) and they are the source of endless amusement for all of us.

Here are the three of them in my bedroom the day after McKenna and I arrived (from top to bottom: McKenna, Boomer, and Piper).

Boomer resting:

Piper posing:

McKenna and Boomer playing:


Piper and Boomer sleeping in their bed:

While they sleep, McKenna gets attention from dad:

Boomer squeezed into McKenna's bed:

McKenna with dad:

McKenna with her Uncle Bob (Brother of Ken):

Boomer getting pets:

Piper and Boomer sleeping again:

McKenna curled up to keep warm:

Uncle Bob with the girl dogs:

Kenna sleeping on Mother of Ken:

Boomer helping in the kitchen:

Kenna with her Uncle Bob (he is her favorite person in the world):

Mother of Ken, Piper, Ken and McKenna, Boomer, and Brother of Ken on Christmas Eve:

A video to give you a taste of the dogs playing together:


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Oh My.
First of all, welcome back.
I've missed you.

1) The view out your window is gorgeous.
2) I want your recipe for the lemon cookies.
3) All your doggies remind me of all my doggies. Well, I have Dixie, Daughter Hawthorne has Giada, and Middle Hawthorne has Beau, and Giada and Beau play together like crazy wombats while Dixie snarls and acts disgusted.
Good times.

Leah said...

And tell McKenna I take offense to Bob being her favorite person. Aunt Leah lets her clean her kitchen floor!....OK, maybe she made the right choice there.