Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heat of the Moment, Part II

Before I get to today's activities, here are a few shots of the creek from locations other than my yard. This is the creek below the waterfall:
And here it is further south--this is an area that is specifically reserved for anglers:

I began my day at the Farmer's Market, where I bought a giant cinnamon roll for breakfast:

I also bought a bag of mesclun lettuce (with pansies!) and some Carola potatoes, which I am very excited to try:

I bought a bunch of plants at my regular flower place yesterday because I wanted to plant the pots on the porch and the hanging baskets. I went a little crazy and bought more stuff than I really needed, so I had to call some pots that were in the basement into service. While I was already dirty and disgusting, I cleaned the porch, so here it is clean and pretty with all of the nice flowers planted:

Behind the church pew are my herbs: lemon and lime basil, flat leaf parsley, and sweet basil. There is also a pot reserved for the chives that I haven't purchased yet.

My hanging baskets are all petunias--purple and white. I'm trying something new this year that I hope will work out. I wanted the flowers in my hanging baskets to cascade down from the planters, so I cut holes in the coconut fiber liners and stuck the petunias through and then planted more on the top. I hope that when they grow and fill out, my vision will be realized, but we'll see.

I had a store credit at Lowe's, so I bought this three tiered plant stand to put in the corner of the back porch. This really makes the porch look nice--it's just what this side of the porch needed to look more complete. On the top shelf are my violas, then I have two pots of delphinium and alyssum on the lower shelves. The pots on the floor are verbena.

I put new mulch in the front flower bed where Mother and Father of Ken helped me plant some summer bulbs when they were here in March. I have a lot of stuff popping up, but nothing blooming yet.

The front porch with pretty new flowers:

The larger pot in the back has cosmos, alyssum, verbena, and a really pretty dahlia and the front two each have a dahlia and purple and white vinca:

The hanging basket. I know they look weird now, but I really think that when they grow and fill out, it will look really cool.

Kenna "helping:"

Once everything was planted, I reloaded my greenhouse with the the soil pellets that were left over from my first batch of seeds (which I also planted today). I had some seeds from Aunt of Ken to plant, so I prepared the greenhouse for them:

These seeds are so funny--they look like little Oreo cookies and I think they are a kind of flowering vine. They are popular among the members of my family and in my Grambi and Papaw's retirement community, where everyone has been asking for seeds from my aunt. I can't wait to see what they look like.

I'm also planning to plant tomatoes this year, but I want to wait another week to make sure that we stop getting below freezing at night. We've had about four nights in a row now of above freezing temperatures, so I should be able to plant tomatoes next weekend.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Everything looks bee-yoo-ti-ful!
I love your cabin. The porch is gorgeous. The stream magnificent.
I envy you your environs.

Leah said...

I love that plant stand! I want to come see!