Monday, May 4, 2009

Material Girl

When I posted about my new carpet several weeks ago, Leah's mother, Mrs. G, wanted to know more about my quilts. So, I planned a special post all about them, dedicated to Mrs. G, who makes beautiful quilts. Leah should post some pictures of her quilts on her blog, I think ;-)

I'll begin with the Leah suite. The quilt hanging on the wall is one that Mother of Ken and I found at a flea market in Dallas before I moved here. It is quite old and too delicate to use on a bed, so I hung it on the wall instead.

The quilt on the bed was made by my Grambi's grandmother, I think. Grambi will correct me if I am wrong. I believe that the fabrics came from some of her dresses (I could be wrong about this, too, because I think that Mother of Ken also has a quilt made of her grandmother's dresses, and I get them confused).

I love the edges of this quilt and all of the tiny details:

The story of this quilt is a little different. My Grambi's grandmother had finished all of the squares before she died, but had not put the quilt together yet. So, many years later, Grambi had someone finish it and she gave it to me the first year that I lived in this house. I love the bright colors in this one:

When I was in high school, Grambi gave me the quilt that I keep at the foot of my bed. Her grandmother had completed the squares, but Grambi had to have someone else put the quilt together years later. I love the teacup squares and the blue and white fabrics--it is so simple and pretty. In the summer, I take the down comforter off and just use this quilt on the bed.

A few other quilts around the house--I found this one at the same flea market in Dallas that I mentioned before and I have it hanging on the wall in my bedroom. I don't know if it is just a few squares that were never made into a larger quilt or if it was meant as a doll quilt or what, but I just had to have it.

Here's a better view of the quilt on the wall of the Leah suite:

And, finally, the one that hangs in my living room. This was a gift from the ladies that I used to work with at Chocolate Soup, a children's clothing store in Dallas. I worked there for two years while I was getting my Master's degree and my co-workers were wonderful women who were fun to work with. They had a very nice going away party for me and they all collaborated on this quilt--two of the women are quilters, so they helped everyone else put the squares together to match the decor of the living room in my new house. Everyone wrote messages to me on the back and those are fun to reread once in a while. Since it hangs above the entrance to the kitchen, I am reminded of the ladies every day.

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