Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wild Thing: The June 2009 Edition

In the continuing tales of the animal life near my house, I bring you the newest addition to the neighborhood, a baby deer (click on the photos to enlarge them):

Just a cool picture of the creek after a shower last week:

More baby deer:

Learning to navigate the difficult terrain:

We also had another visitor this week. I present to you McKenna's new nemesis, Greg the Groundhog:

He's a little hard to see, but he's there, sticking his head up above the bank of the creek. He teased McKenna for an entire day--she sat on the porch waiting for him, he would pop his head up, she would bark like crazy, he would quickly return to his hole, she would wait again, and on and on it went.

Now, if Kenna could only catch that groundhog, I'll bet one of my new cookbooks from Aunt and Uncle of Ken would have a good recipe for groundhog pie...

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