Monday, June 15, 2009

Reminiscing: Prize Dairy Dishes

And now, gentle readers, I present to you Prize Dairy Dishes:

I have never understood why for cow illustrations and cow Halloween costumes, people feel the need to include udders. It isn't like you would be confused about what kind of animal it is and it would be more tasteful without them.

The illustrations in this book are fantastic--click on the pictures to enlarge them.

I love the first paragraph on page three about husbands and cream sauces. I also love the sentence in the last paragraph about using butter: "Use butter, the fat of milk, generously, too."

In this family, I guess everyone has to wear a bib to eat soup:

The dinner suggestion at the bottom of page six sounds fabulous: grilled frankfurters with macaroni and cheese.

It took me a while to figure out that the illustration on the far left goes with the recipe for deviled shrimp. And that recipe for creamed dried beef in celery shells sure sounds elegant, classy, and tasty.

This is my absolute favorite illustration in the entire book--that potato is awesome with the gun in his belt and the eye patch! And look at the ear of corn! Sailing in a saucepan! With a special foodie pirate flag! And the potato is rowing with a spoon! Look at that lazy spinach and cabbage just riding along without helping the potato and the corn!

I have several questions about this page. First of all, why is this woman wearing a mortar board? Also, why are there so many recipes from the 1940s and 1950s that incorporate tongue (diced tongue is an option for the meat in the Swiss salad) and gelatin (in the cottage cheese ring salad)? And cottage cheese mixed in with gelatin? Ew.

The man at the North Pole is winking at us!

Again with the cottage cheese? How about tongue cake--isn't there a recipe for that? I don't quite understand the magician breaking an egg into his hat and the bunnies bouncing around. Am I missing something? Also, if that bunny on at the top is supposed to be a bunny chef, I would prefer that he not only wear an apron, but also a shirt if he is going to be baking for me.

I think this cow has had a little too much egg nog and check out that guy's mutant right hand... The woman's skirt looks suspiciously like the ear of corn several pages before.

These cheese and bacon double deckers sound really good to me, but I think that little kid on the top of the right hand page is trying to sneak away with my share.

Next Up: The Waring Cookbook for the 14 Speed Blendor.

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Leah said...

Is it wrong that I really want to eat some of these recipes? (Nothing with tongue, though. Ew.)