Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Parents Just Don't Understand

Boomer, one of my parents' Boxers, has developed a habit of sleeping on the couch. The rule is that he must keep at least one paw on the ground at all times. Often, he will climb up to get pets, but mostly he just likes to snuggle into the cushions (this is better if there are people there to snuggle into also) and go to sleep. He doesn't wake up if you get up--he doesn't wake up at all once he's out. You could be tiling the floor with flank steak and he would not wake up.
This past week, Boomer has gotten into trouble because he has been getting all the way on the couch and going to sleep when he thinks no one is watching. He did this on Sunday night and was told to get down, at which point he pouted for a while and then got right back up on the couch. Every time I see him sleep, I think that I would like to have his life. He looks so peaceful. I wish that I could sleep like that.

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