Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thriller 2009

Well, gentle readers, it is time again for me to give you a tour of my Halloween decorations. They have been up for about two weeks now--Mother and Father of Ken helped and I think that Grambi woke up long enough to unwrap a few things, too ;-)

This is one of the new ornaments that Mother of Ken brought for me:
The garland on the table is also new and from Mother of Ken and the pumpkins and gourds we purchased at B&B Farms while they were visiting.
I also have three new flameless Halloween candles. Mother of Ken helped me decorate the window ledge with my Snickles and some bittersweet (apologies for the blurry photo):

Another cool new ornament--this one blends in well with the spiders that already live here:

More ornaments:

I even decorate the bathroom:

The stairs with the lights that Father of Ken strung through the spindles:

Something peeking out between the spindles:

My awesome Halloween wall hanging:

Tiny gourds and Snickles:

Fake sparkly candy corn in some glass dishes and my stained glass pumpkin plate:

Another new ornament that hangs over my sink:


Even the armor man/knight gets to participate:

I don't have pictures of the cook pumpkins on the porch yet, but I'll post those soon. Happy Halloween!


M said...

What happened to the multiple bowls full of candy corn?? I think the candy corn was my ultimate downfall that weekend - along with Tastes like Halloween.

Ken said...

I have decided that there will be no more candy corn in this house this year. I could not fit into the skirt that I wanted to wear on Thursday ;-)

Leah said...

Remind me to put the candy corn away when you come to my house...that is, unless Kathy eats it all before then.

Also, my word verification word is "panti." Apparently the word verification thing has a sense of humor.