Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Roof is Leaking, Part I

Yesterday morning, the phone rang at 6:45. This is not a time that I am coherent. I muted the phone and let it go to voicemail, noticing that it was the roofing company. They called again twenty minutes later, so I figured out that I wasn't going to be sleeping any longer. It turned out that they wanted to start working on my new roof. Thanks for the notice, guys.

So, they arrived a little after 8:00 and got to work:

Thankfully, they are just putting down another layer of shingles and nailing down some of the plywood, so this is relatively easy. Here, you can see the new shingles on the taller part of the house and the old roof on the shorter part. The color is fairly similar, but the new shingles look a lot nicer. Of course, Mr. Disgustington put his stamp on the roof as well as every other part of this house and he made some mistakes on the roof of the addition that have caused some leaky ceilings.

Close up of new roof vs. old roof:

These guys take A LOT of breaks, so this is taking a while. Today, they got most of the shingles on the original part of the house, but they still have to come back tomorrow to finish:

So far, I am fairly pleased with how it looks. I can't wait to see it when it is all finished, but anything would be an improvement over the Disgustingtons' roof.


Lue Madson said...

LOL! Who is this Mr. Disgustington? The new one looks good, though the guys took their time making it. That’s a little infuriating, but I think it was worth it. Did you post an update on this? I want to see how this turned out. :-)

Lue Madson

Galliena Gornet said...

Hmm, was it raining when they started work on your roof? If it was, then I think they deserve at least a pat on the back for working through it to get you a new roof. Were they able to fix some of the leaks of the old one? By the way, I much prefer the new darker color over the old one. It matches your bricks a lot better.

Chantay said...

It's been a while, Ken! How's this 'new' roof by now? By the way, I noticed a tree nearby the roof; that is not healthy to its welfare! Leaves that's left to rot over you roof cause moss, and those branch might scratch the material of your roof.

Chantay Smithingell @