Monday, November 9, 2009

Do They Know It's Christmas?

No, gentle readers, this isn't more catalog crap. This is a real object in my possession at this moment. You see, I am organizing a White Elephant auction for the church to raise money for the production of Godspell that the youth will be doing in the spring. Because we like to make things more complicated than necessary, we are calling it an "Auction of Items of Heterogeneous Quality."

In any case, I have been collecting things from my own home, select shops, and church closets to wrap in pretty paper for unsuspecting people to bid on. Don't worry--there are some good elephants in the mix, too. This one may be my favorite elephant of all, though:

You might be thinking what my high school gym teacher used to say when I actually hit a softball, "Mah ahys ah decievin' meh." But they aren't. This is, in fact, a nativity set glued to a manger with silly putty and with a Troll doll baby Jesus. And, yes, the Troll doll's hair has been cut by a child, undoubtedly to make it look more like Al Sharpton.


Leah said...

Where in the frick did you find that?

M said...

Teach would proud!