Sunday, January 3, 2010

Parents Just Don't Understand

With the latest addition to our family, Brother of Ken's new puppy, MacGyver, Christmas was pretty interesting this year. We had four dogs, including the puppy, and we pretty much just let them do their thing. Most of dog pack behavior is beyond my comprehension, but it is certainly interesting to observe.

Kenna played with MacGyver some, but she eventually decided that he was not worth her time and she didn't like that he "stole" attention and pets from her, so she spent most of Christmas on the couch in a pose of superiority and with a look of disdain in her eyes.

Here are the two of them together:

Piper, the female Boxer, was torn between being the mama dog and putting Mac in his place. Boomer just wanted to kill him most of the time.

Because our Christmas plans had to be changed as a result of the snow storm, Brother of Ken had to bring Mac with him to Aunt and Uncle of Ken's house so that they could leave from there. Brother of Ken's truck isn't very big, so Mac rode with the rest of us in the other truck and I was in charge of entertaining him for an hour. Here he is checking out the presents in the back of the truck:

In a rare moment of calm and quiet:

He is a Border Collie/Lab mix (I think) and he is wearing the Christmas collar that Kenna and I gave him:

Who could resist this face?

Looking out the window:

Playing tug with an old towel since we forgot to put any toys in the truck:

Mac really wanted to get in the driver's seat with dad:

He rode for about the last fifteen minutes perched on the armrest, looking out the windshield:

When we arrived at Aunt and Uncle of Ken's house, Mac got to play with their new puppy who is about the same age, Sophie. Sophie is a German Shepherd mix and the two of them played almost non stop for about four hours both inside and outside. They ran through the snow until they were both soaking wet and then slept in a pile on the porch and ran some more. When Mac had to leave, Sophie came inside and got into her bed and slept like a rock for at least two hours. Mac slept all the way home, for which Brother of Ken was glad.

One of my favorite pictures of Mac--he fell asleep (finally) on Father of Ken's lap on Christmas Eve with his tongue hanging out of his mouth:

Some videos of all four dogs in action on Christmas Eve:

Happy New Year, gentle readers! I hit the jackpot on terrible cookbooks at a flea market, so I'll be "Reminiscing" soon.


Leah said...

Oh my gosh, I want that puppy. More pictures!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Four dogs in the house??!?
Can't imagine what that's like.
(rolls eyes)
Next time, throw a cat into the mix.

Anonymous said...

No off switch is right!