Monday, July 7, 2008

White Wedding: Just Say "No" To Drugs

While cleaning my office a few weeks ago, I ran across this anti-drug ruler that was given to me circa 1988:

Sorry for the blurriness--rulers are hard to scan! From the looks of it, this ruler got a lot of use.

So, gentle readers, I thought that I would share this bit of anti-drug wisdom that was once given to me with you. May you always be aware of the dangers of doing drugs as well as their street names lest anyone try to slip you some "coke" that isn't what you thought it would be.

The back of the ruler is probably the best part. It is a table of ten drugs detailing the slang associated with each drug and the dangers that they each pose. This comes in handy when someone offers you some "tranks." Now you will know to refer to this ruler and you will learn that "tranks" are barbiturates and that you should steer clear of those. Very educational...

Here I have provided images of each section of the back of the ruler as a public service. You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

The moral of this story? Don't take yellow jackets with your juice. Also don't show Miss Emma the rainbow. If you didn't get that, you should read the ruler again--carefully this time!

Gentle readers, you must say "no" to drugs. Drugs kill. Rule out alcohol and drug use.

*The author does not advocate drug use. This information has been provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.


liddadog said...

I like that the ruler was made in Elmira, NY, which isn't too far from the wilderness and nature in which you live. Also, if you recall, there is some dangerous "Blue Ice" being sold in the mall there.

Leah said...

Holy crap, that is fantastic. Reminds me of some drug brochures they had out in the building where I had to go to get stickers for my car at Ft. Detrick. They're somewhere in my desk, I'll have to dig them out for you.