Sunday, August 3, 2008

Burning Down the House, Part V

Please forgive my lack of postings recently--I've spent the last few days hard at work on the house, so here is the first of several new posts detailing what's been happening. The contractors finished on Friday and here is what they completed on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Retaping the ceiling in my bedroom:

Installing a new venting system at the top of the house. There used to be a large hole here where a vent was supposed to be, but it fell out and Mr. Disgustington didn't replace it. It's so far at the top of the house and under the eaves that I didn't notice it until I saw birds flying out of the hole (note the bird poo on the house below the vent). So, now there is a new vent with special screening on the inside that will keep birds and squirrels (they got in there too) out of the top of the house:

Due to a severe carpenter bee problem, I had the contractors cover the fascia with white aluminum. They were supposed to do the south side of the house (where the birds were living) and then this short strip by the door, but they ended up doing all of it and it looks very nice. Also notice my new gutter screens (Bill the Yard Guy is especially excited about these):

They also finished the deck floor. Here's the top:

And here is the part underneath where they removed the original floor that Mr. Disgustington built over. This was really gross--birds had built nests in the crevices and there was a lot of built up dirt and debris.
See the dirt:

And the debris:

Also a strainer that was under there--not the strangest thing I've found buried around here:

Since the porch is done and the guys are gone, I had planned to make the porch look pretty this weekend. Then it started raining and it has been doing so on and off all weekend, so I couldn't work on the porch. I'll try to get that done in the evenings this week and put the photos up. Instead, I spent my weekend staining and varnishing and putting the laundry room back together--look for details in an upcoming post.

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liddadog said...

Your brother needs a strainer - I went out and bought him one!!! Little did I know you had one "lying" around the house!