Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Burning Down the House, Part IV

So, here's the latest--the guys are back to work after a few slow days. Apparently two of them are sick. Yesterday they put the trim around the door and pushed it over so that it doesn't gap so much on the right side. The guys think it's funny that I love this door so much--I expected a plain, inexpensive door and this is what I got. Apparently Don said "I wasn't gonna give her a cheap door. She's gonna get her a good door for that laundry room."

They are also retaping my bedroom ceiling where I had a leak a while ago from a loose shingle:

The storms we've been having kept them from finishing the aluminum covering for the fascia. I guess they don't want to be on metal ladders holding large pieces of aluminum when it is storming...

The new and improved south side of the house:

They started working on the porch floor today, too. This revealed yet another poor decision on the part of the previous owners, the Disgustingtons. Apparently, I have two floors, but they aren't directly on top of one another. It seems that Mr. Disgustington put a new floor over the original one, but the new floor had no holes in it for drainage. This wasn't a problem for him because he covered the porch in astro turf, which I ripped off the day I moved in. I have had to vacuum my porch to get it clean since then.

Originally, I thought the guys were going to drill some holes in the grooves of the floor, but I guess they wanted to cut all the way through. In doing so, they found another floor underneath, but Mr. Disgustington didn't put the new floor directly on top of the old one nor did he match the boards. So, my guys are sawing through about four inches of flooring that is slightly offset and here's the result:

The debris in the back of the house:

My new post bases are now unwrapped:

And while I was out in the backyard, I took a few extra pictures. Like my mother, I grow fabulous spiderwebs such as the two you see below:

You can see the second one better because of the sawdust that is caught in it.

Little McKenna hanging out on the porch:

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