Thursday, April 1, 2010


This week's favorite thing, in honor of spring and the unusually warm air here in central New York is pansies. Pansies are my favorite flower (also violas, which look like tiny pansies). I especially love the purple/periwinkle ones.

When I lived at home with Mother and Father of Ken, I had my very own pansy garden on the side of the house and one year, I was able to find black pansies for my garden. They were actually a really dark purple, but they were beautiful against the lighter purple and white ones.

Pansies are such happy flowers in such beautiful colors--how can you resist? I especially love the subtle imperfections in each bloom that make them interesting to look at. They're also ridiculously easy to grow, particularly in places like central New York that are fairly chilly for most of the year. Perfect for a non-gardener like me who still likes to be surrounded by flowers.

Happy spring, gentle readers!

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