Friday, April 9, 2010


This week's favorite thing is OKA b. shoes. These shoes are proof that shoes can be comfortable, durable, and attractive. Take that, Crocs! [Side note: Grandmother of Ken calls Crocs "Gators" because she can't remember the correct name.]

The salon where I get my hair done carries OKA b. shoes, so I started seeing them a few years ago. The ones at the salon are all flip flop styles and I don't wear flip flops, so last summer, I decided to go straight to the source and see what other styles they offer. The website is fantastic:

Why do I love these shoes?

1. They are made in the US.
2. They come in slide styles and not just in flip flop styles.
3. They are washable.
4. They are slip resistant (anyone who knows me will tell you that this is crucial for me).
5. They are antimicrobial.
6. They have special reflexology beads built into the inner soles.
7. They are very durable.
8. They are recyclable.
9. You can dress them up or down--they're great for travel.
10.They come in their own little storage bag (very appealing to an organizing fanatic like me).

I bought two pairs last summer and then Mother of Ken found a sale on them at a store where she lives, so she bought me three more pairs. I currently have three Madisons, the style pictured below. Mine are navy with a navy and white bow, pink with a pink, black, and white striped bow, and black with a black and white polka dot bow.
I have one pair of Jasmines in black (the black is shiny, so it almost looks like patent leather):

I also have one pair of Carolines that are red with a red bow:

These shoes are so comfortable and so easy to wear--you won't regret getting a pair or five. They're a great investment because they are so durable and the styles are classic. I wore my Jasmines all over Williamsburg last summer for long days of walking and my feet felt great. They're especially great for summer because you can wear them around the house, to the pool, to the beach, to a party, to church, or wherever else you're going. There are new colors and styles every season and they also have men's and children's shoes.

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