Friday, April 16, 2010


This week's favorite thing is the Belvah bag. You can find these bags in some local gift shops, on Amazon, and on other websites. I have three and I love them all. Mother of Ken and I first saw these bags last summer at a little shop in Iola, Kansas called Party Girls. They make them in a wide range of styles--everything from diaper bags to makeup bags and a lot of people like them because they can be embroidered.

I bought this purse, which is navy with white polka dot grosgrain ribbon accents and a navy and white gingham lining:

The bows are detachable, by the way.

I also bought this overnight bag to match my purse:
I have used both bags a lot in the last 9 months--they are fabulous. The fabric is microfiber, so it is very durable and the bags are not very expensive. I also have this bag, which M gave me for Christmas.

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