Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Burning Down the House, Part I and an update on Sleeping Snakes

You read correctly, gentle readers, that I have a Sleeping Snakes update. As I was preparing for the contractors to do some work on my house by cleaning out the laundry room, I found this:

I choose to believe that this skin belongs to the snake that I removed previously. End of discussion.

The following are some photos of the improvements that the contractors are making to the house and once I work my magic this weekend, I'll be posting before and after (and sometimes "during") images of what's been happening around here.

The new white aluminum covering my fascia to keep carpenter bees away:

A detail of the fascia--I think the contrast will look really nice when they are finished.


New door and framing supplies. The door is installed, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the photo ;-)

New paneling installed on the east wall of the laundry room. This will be painted shortly--don't worry.

North wall paneling--detail of how they cut away from the logs:

View of whole wall--the left side is actually a single smooth cut. The light and logs are making it look choppy, but don't worry dad.

Poor McKenna has been displaced. Her room used to go here, under the window in the laundry room, but this week it has been moved to the guest bedroom. Even though this has been the case for three days, she keeps looking for her room in the laundry room and then she looks sad when it is missing.


Leah said...

That picture of McKenna is fantastic. She looks like Pants does when his room gets moved.

Melissa said...

Ooh pretty! One of these days, I have to come for a visit and actually see your house.

Ken said...

I love that you think it is pretty right now--if you like how this place looks in the midst of construction, you're gonna love it when you see it all cleaned up! You should come and visit sometime, though ;-)