Monday, July 14, 2008

Do They Know It's Christmas?

It isn't too early to start thinking about your Christmas shopping. In fact, I recently received a catalog full of fabulous Christmas gift possibilities and I wanted to share a few of the most outstanding examples with you.

If you are shopping for someone who is a football fan and a gardener, you might be interested in this:

For those on your list who like rustic decor, one of these sculptures is sure to be a hit:

A gift for the thirsty football fan:

This is a great idea for a member of the NRA with a new cabin to decorate. You could even split this collection into two parts and give your loved one some for Christmas and some for his or her birthday.

The outdoorsman who has been good this year would be thrilled to receive any one of these dynamic items:

Give someone a gift that keeps on giving all winter long--a set of flannel sheets with wild animals on them. There's nothing like waking up to an image of a bear or a fish. The bear option is also quite lovely.

Buy it for yourself or for a friend--heck, buy one of these for everyone you know! You could leave this out all winter long in case you forget the names of your family members.

For those whose tastes lean toward Western decor, there are many fine gift choices to be found on this page:

I'll bet I know someone who would love to outfit her Steelermobile with these items--hint, hint darling daughter!

For the family oriented person with a taste for wild animals--this would be a great gift to pair with the flannel sheets for someone that you really love.

Finally, I think everyone should get these for Halloween--I prefer the eyes, but the others are okay, too:


Leah said...

Oh good lord. Do NOT encourage her behavior! And I just can't tell you how lovely that garden gnome is. Perhaps she could put it out by the goose on the front step who has a Steelers outfit. Remind me of this in December.
Also, the Hunter's Dream Throw, the one with the deer on it? Should be called the Hunter's Nightmare Throw.

Ken said...

I think you should get her all of the Steelergear featured in this fabulous catalog o'crap. Something for Christmas, something for Mother's Day, something for her birthday... You could take care of an entire year's worth of gifts in a single purchase!

Leah said...

Good thought! And I don't live with her, so it's not like I have to see the crap every day. Heaven help my poor father, though...

Melissa said...

Is it terribly wrong that I actually thought the Packers gnome was kind of cute? And I'd totally use the Packers beer mug/shot glass set! But, then again, I am a diehard football fan. And crazy, too.

Leah said...

You are SO getting a Packers gnome for your birthday. Ken, can I have that catalog?