Friday, October 10, 2008

Electric Avenue, Part II

Some of you gentle readers may remember my first Electric Avenue post way back in June. I expected that we might have some pest problems after leaving the house empty for a month right as the weather is starting to get colder and I was right. Mice began making their appearances on Monday night, so I pulled out my trusty Rat Zapper Ultra and put it to work. For the first couple of nights, I didn't have it in the correct location, but I finally got it right on Wednesday night and we caught one within ten minutes of turning out the lights and heading upstairs.

Yesterday, I was putting something away in one of the bedrooms downstairs and noticed that the bottle cap full of cheese that goes in the RZU had somehow ended up in that bedroom, which lead me to believe that at least one other mouse was present. So, I rebaited the RZU, put it in place, and went to bed. This morning we found out that we caught another one successfully, but this must have been the same intrepid mouse that braved entrance the previous evening to retrieve the cheese. He or she either put up a fight or got super zapped.


Normally, the mice step on a plate in the middle of the device that triggers the electric shock, killing them instantly and leaving them in the middle of the machine. This time, the body was plastered against the back of the RZU along with the bottle cap of cheese. The worst part was that a few of its feet were sticking out of the vent in the back.
RZU casualties so far this year: 5
Updated price per mouse: $10

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