Monday, October 27, 2008

She Works Hard for the Money

Since I'm working from home right now, McKenna and I have developed a new routine. At first, she tries to be helpful by contemplating hauling books upstairs. Then she remembers that she doesn't haul things.

Once she has decided not to be helpful, the shenanigans begin. Here, she is trying on the new headband that Mother of Ken sent to me:

Eventually, she gets tired and has to take her mid-morning nap in the sun:

She moves with the sun, eventually ending up under the desk:

Enough about McKenna. Some of us have real work to do. For example, last week I had to stack the firewood that my new friend Jeremy delivered. The last time I had firewood delivered, "The Wood Guy" (not Jeremy) showed up with a dumptruck full of the dirtiest, most disgusting wood that he dumped in my front yard and left for me to put away. I am sure that Mother and Father of Ken remember that Thanksgiving fondly--all of us bundled up, hauling filthy wood to the back yard in my Radio Flyer wagon. Yeah, that took a while...

1 comment:

Leah said...

Too bad you couldn't teach McKenna to haul wood...
and she looks lovely in the headband!