Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hero Takes a Fall, Part II

Besides taking photos at the lake, McKenna and I also worked hard last weekend in the yard, planting our fall flowers and cleaning the porches and we also decorated the house.

First, some views of changing leaves from the back porch:

We planted pansies in the window boxes--I hope they perk up soon. We had to get them at Lowe's and they were either over watered or under watered and very root bound. They also only had about three colors to choose from. I'll have to find a better source for pansies next year because they are my favorite flower and I want nicer ones and a better choice of color.

The front porch with pansies in the hanging basket and mums in the planters:

A closer view of the mums--they are nicer than the pansies because we are able to get them at the local farm stand:

The back porch--my purple petunias are still thriving, despite a month of neglect, so I left them in the hanging baskets and just planted pansies in the window box in the back and in one small planter.

McKenna is enjoying her last few chances to relax in the sun on the porch:

Moving inside, here are a few photos of our fall decorations. First, the picture window (you can click on any of the photos to make them larger):

The bookshelf in the corner:

Ornaments (many of them made by my grandmother) hanging in the hallway:

I went a little crazy with the gourds and pumpkins this year:

The secretary in the kitchen:

The kitchen table:

An unrelated picture of Kenna in her new bed. The old blanket that used to go in her "room" bit the dust when we got home from our trip, so I got her this liner, which she seems to like.


Leah said...

Those hanging basket you have to do anything to those? You know how I hate to garden, but they are pretty, and there's a hook-like thing in my front yard. Tricia had a birdfeeder on it when she lived there, but I have no use for birds. Could I keep one of those hanging things alive? Or would it be easy to get rid of when I killed it? Same with the flowery things in pots on your front porch...could I get some of those without having to repot anything and touch the dirt?

Ken said...

With a hanging basket, you wouldn't necessarily have to touch dirt if you bought one that was already planted. As for keeping it alive, it depends on the kind of plants that are in there. If you get something that doesn't require a lot of care, you would be okay with that--watering it once in a while. I usually don't get plants that require a lot of care. Pansies are pretty easy to work with as long as you keep them watered. The mums on the porch you probably would have to touch dirt because they come in plastic pots and they can't live in those for long. Maybe you could convince someone to put one in a pot for you?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

You and Ken have a perfectly lovely home.