Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cut Me Off - Updated

Last Saturday, we had the Fourth Annual Pumpkin Carving Party at my house. Six people + one dog + seven pumpkins + lots of knives and saws + wine and Moroccan cocktails + champagne cheddar cheese + Tastes Like Halloween = Awesome. We only had one bloody injury (sustained by the one person who wasn't drinking anything alcoholic) and McKenna ate approximately 16.7 ounces of pumpkin entrails and seeds off of the floor and one slice of cheese. All in all, it was a successful evening. Thanks to Jessica, Emily, and Aaron for providing additional photos.

McKenna's pumpkin and my pumpkin before carving:

Jessica's pumpkin before carving:

I carved a seahorse and McKenna decided to carve two paw prints--ours are on the far left of this picture. Next to ours is Jessica's favorite TV character, then Frances and Manuel's large scary pumpkin eating a smaller, scared pumpkin, Emily's black cat, and Aaron's crab.

My seahorse:

Aaron's crab:

Frances and Manuel's pumpkin duo--check out the eyes:

Jessica's pumpkin:

Jessica asked me to keep her pumpkin at my house and she requested progress reports on it's state of rotting. So, here he is on Sunday night out on the porch with the other two:

And even tonight, he looks pretty good. I haven't noticed any significant signs of rotting yet.

I think he is even scarier in the blurry picture... Also, the UPS man was very impressed with your pumpkin, Jessica ;-)


jessica said...

hahah nice, i'm glad he's holding up! sorry you had to talk to the ups guy, though... maybe he's nice?

Ken said...

Yeah, he is a good guy. He brings me boxes, so how bad can he be? He really was impressed, though--he was trying to figure out what you had done to get it to look so cool.

Leah said...

I love the picture of McKenna with her face inside the pumpkin :-)

Mary and Larry Smerk said...

You really put my pumpkin to shame.

Ken said...

Except that none of us had a baby to put in our pumpkins ;-)

Melissa said...

My pumpkin is the saddest of all. It will remain uncut and useless until it rots itself on my floor. But, I feel badly cutting up pumpkins and I have not a baby to put into one. Although Rascal would be cute in the pumpkin, you'd never see him (it's way bigger than he is!).