Friday, February 26, 2010

Hazy Shade of Winter: Update Number Two

Okay, so it's still snowing at 10:30 on Friday morning. We're now about 36 hours into this, although the snow that is coming down now is much lighter than it has been. Here's what we woke up to this morning:

Poor Kenna couldn't even get off of the porch to do her morning business, so I knew that I would have to get moving on the shoveling.

See that little bump in the middle of the photo? That's the mini Weber grill.

Look how pitiful:

Most of my measurements read about 18-20 inches, although there is way more in places where the snow has drifted. In any case, 18-20 inches is quite enough and it kept me from being able to go out my front door. So, I shoveled my way out the back, opened the gate a little, and trudged through the snow until I got to the front of the house.

I haven't even gotten to the car yet, and I might not. I'm not going anywhere for a while and we're supposed to get a little sun later today, so I'll wait until later to decide when to work on this project.

This one is just for Father of Ken--I didn't do a single thing to make it easier for the postal person to get to my mailbox. This is payback for not taking the packages that I left for them last week, hanging in a plastic bag from the mailbox. Instead of taking the packages, they stuffed my new mail into the plastic bag and drove on.

So, yeah, this has been fun. Thank God for neighbor Jeff, who has kindly plowed in front of my car twice--once last night and again this morning. That cuts down on my work, so he'll probably be getting some cookies soon. The county plow has been by once this morning, but it isn't clearing the roads, just keeping the snow from accumulating too much. There is at least half of an inch of snow and icy slush on the road and I will not be venturing out in that.

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