Monday, February 1, 2010

Reminiscing: 250 Delicious Soup Recipes

Doesn't the cover art make you want to crack this book open and start cooking?

Let the fun begin with some liver soup! "Liver soup with its square crouton is a delicious way to secure more of these rare nutritive qualities." Why punish the crouton?

Nothing like a popcorn garnish on your corn soup. My favorite on this page is the "Ripe Olive Soup," which is a delicious combination of milk, celery, and olives.

The one color photo they dared to put in this book.

On this page: "Shrimp Bisque," which they suggest adding a few whole shrimp to before serving. Where are they? The photo looks like a slab of concrete upon which the remains of an owl pellet have been abandoned. Also, "Snapper Soup" and "Turtle Soup." Perhaps one could serve this at a dinner party using the turtle shells as bowls?

The frankfurter makes another appearance in "Grandmother's lentil soup." They look kind of like Rolos in this photo, though.

Let's play "Identify the Toasted Animal." Squirrels and camels? Cats and llamas?

For Leah:

Coming soon--more "Reminiscing" and Ken and McKenna prepare the house for the realtor's visit this week.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Love the soup "accessories."

Leah said...

So totally going to make you Soup with Balls.