Thursday, February 11, 2010


This week's Favorite Thing is The Shark. I don't usually get excited about "As Seen on TV" products, but Mother of Ken's cleaning people use one of these and I saw how well it worked at their house and decided to get one of my own. It has been especially nice to have since I put the house on the market--instead of lugging around a mop and mop bucket, all I have to do is fill it with water and plug it in and I can clean all of the hard surfaces in the house in about ten minutes.

Here is Kenna with The Shark just after it arrived:

This version comes with two different mop heads (one rectangular and one triangular) and two microfiber covers for each mop head. You also get a fuzzy cover for cleaning hardwood floors and a glider thing that you can use to steam carpets. It makes things smell so clean and it really does pick up dirt and grime well. You can pump the handle to direct extra steam at specific areas of the floor, such as next to your new refrigerator where there is a patch of dirt left from The Disgustingtons that you have never been able to remove. You can flip the mop heads and use both sides of the cover for cleaning and then just throw them into the washing machine to clean them. It also has a really long cord, so I can plug it into the outlet in the living room and use it all over the downstairs. The handle extends for those of us who are tall and the floor dries quickly, so you don't have to ban the dog from the kitchen for 20 minutes while your floor dries.

A not-so-great photo of The Shark, all ready to go:

Here's a bonus video of The Shark in action on my kitchen floor:

Remember, I am not a paid spokesperson for any of the products featured in my "Obsession" posts.


Anonymous said...

Because of your endorsement, I will be buying one on my lunch hour today! Sue

Leah said...

I want one of these! Except I don't think I can use it on the laminate floors. But it'd be worth it for the tile alone.