Friday, March 5, 2010

Obsession: Updated

Sorry about the link mix up, gentle readers. I've corrected the mistake, but I maintain that this is a serious misuse of Scooby Doo.

This week's favorite thing, to go along with my current craving for comfort foods to distract me from the creepiness of people coming into my home and eating my tomatoes, is my very favorite chocolate bar in the whole world, Nestle Extrafino:

I discovered these when I lived in Spain and I always had one stashed somewhere. Every time I go back, I stock up and bring them back to give as gifts. Each square melts in your mouth like chocolate silk. Plus, you get some of your recommended daily calcium intake!

If I can't get any Nestle Extrafino, I also love a good Hershey bar. There is something wonderful about the simplicity of Hershey's milk chocolate bars with their slightly waxy texture and the way that the smooth chocolate melts in your mouth. Don't even get me started on s'mores made with Hershey's chocolate...

Of course, there is a place in my life for higher end chocolate and I understand the health benefits of dark chocolate, but when I want chocolate comfort (or a good, gooey s'more), I'm turning to Nestle's Extrafino or Hershey's milk chocolate.

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