Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stay Up Late

Sunday night was Oscar night at Ken and McKenna's house and we have a tradition of eating a delicious meal of appetizers for several hours while watching the broadcast. This year, we had grapes (the only healthy part of this spread), bread and cheese (I don't know what kind--some semi-soft cheese that was in the "cheese bits" bin at the store), Mexican beef and cheddar pockets, and Ellie Krieger's spinach and artichoke dip with tortilla chips.

For dessert, we had molten chocolate lava cakes:

Kenna also enjoyed a nice sock:

It was quite an enjoyable evening for both of us, but the show did keep us up past our normal bed time.

This is Kenna's "I want to go to bed soon" look:

"Please can I go outside and then go to bed?"

After a while, she gave up on going to bed and played with her blue ring while stretching out as far as she could:

Since Sunday night, we've been hard at work getting the house ready for the inspection this week. Now that it's over, I have some "Reminiscing" to do...

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Leah said...

I know that look...