Friday, March 12, 2010


This week's Favorite Thing is dogs.

Since I can't put all of the dogs in the world on my blog, I've got some photos of my dogs (or at least the dogs in my family).

Our official first family dog was Corkey, a Boston Terrier. Corkey lead a complicated life before he came to our house, but he was a really good boy. Here is a photo of me with Corkey that I took for a class project in the fifth grade. Feel free to make fun of my clothing and accessories, including my gigantic pink plastic glasses and my hot pink socks.

Sadly, Corkey could not be with us forever, and we eventually got our first Boxer, Kramer. Look at that face. She had the softest fur on her head and she was a really good natured dog. Everyone loved Kramer. And, yes, that is red shag carpet.

Kramer was never far from me--she slept in my bed most nights, she stayed with me for several sleepless nights after I had complications from my wisdom teeth being removed, and she even traveled with Mother and Father of Ken to Dallas to help me move into my first place.

Me with Kramer and Frazier, our second Boston Terrier. Again, feel free to make fun of me--it was the 90s and I had some terrible jeans.

My favorite photo of Father of Ken and Frazier--this pretty much sums up their entire relationship, which was that Father of Ken had little use for the dog when he ate the front door, but Frazier always loved Father of Ken and only wanted to get on his good side. That never happened.

Who could resist this face?

After Kramer and Frazier came Piper, our first brindle Boxer. Father of Ken rescued Piper from being tied up to a tree out in the middle of nowhere. She is insanely good at carrying toys around the house and never tearing them up.

Boomer, who may or may not be descended from Kramer, but who is the biggest, most loveable goofball ever and he literally throws himself into everything that he does: eating, sleeping, playing, etc. Boomer doesn't do much of anything halfheartedly except stay awake.

The latest addition: MacGyver, who is probably four times larger than this now and who is probably 100 times more accomplished than any of the other dogs because Brother of Ken has been training him:

And, finally, McKenna. She might be the smallest one, but she's feisty and strong. She took over from Kramer when I moved out on my own and she has been taking good care of me ever since.

Why own a dog? There's a danger you know,
You can't own just one, for the craving will grow.


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Leah said...

I'm wearing one of your favorite things today! (Hint - not a dog. Also not a Shark steam mop.)