Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reminiscing: Flavorite Recipes from the Farmers' Almanac

Another gift from Sue's collection:

If you don't know what a Sooner is, go here.

All the way from 1972, let's start the party with some "Peach Mello," a delicious concoction of crushed peaches, marshmallows, and whipped cream, all frozen together and served with a side of "Topless Cheese Cake."

Two things here. First of all, "Potato Candy." I'm torn on this because I love potatoes and will try just about anything to eat more of them, but I just can't imagine the texture of this candy. Perhaps I should try to make it? "Bethel Bars" are basically the same as Hello Dollies, but I really love the comment at the end of the recipe: "If you can't make this--give up!" These Sooners sure are straightforward, no nonsense types!

This is the "Diet Delights" section of the book, which includes a recipe for an "Ironed Cheese Sandwich." Why would you iron a cheese sandwich? Just put it in a pan on the stove! Chances are that if you don't have a stove, you don't have an iron. Maybe this is for use in motel rooms?

Another recipe for pups! "Hobo Bundles" sure look interesting, no?

First of all, I seriously think that they should reconsider the name of the first salad--"Try-and-Guess Salad." The caption at the end is fairly telling: "This sounds horrible, but don't be afraid to try it!"

More desecration of avocados--"Avocado-Cheese Molds." Nothing like some lime gelatin, avocado, cottage cheese,and canned pineapple all molded together, is there?

Par-tay, gentle readers! Perhaps I will make "Yankee Doodle Salad" for my birthday this year. I'll definitely "try it on my political friends." I think it would be quite eye catching placed on a table with some "Bologna Stack-Ups" inserted "porcupine fashion in a standing avocado, grapefruit, pineapple, or what have you." Round out the tablescape with a "Penguin Egg," which combines hard cooked eggs and black olives. This one would certainly cause Brother of Ken, a.k.a. The Olive Fiend, to think twice before popping it into his mouth. He would probably just pick the olive parts off of the penguin and leave the egg with toothpicks sticking out of it.

Anyway, bear in mind that "One or more of these little figures on your table will cause plenty of comment at a party. They can stand by a food platter, hold a flag or tiny decoration in keeping with the occasion." You could also use them as place card holders if necessary.

I loves me some "Honky Tonk" and some "Elephant Stew."

As I was reading the recipe for "Elephant Stew," I thought, "I'll bet you can buy elephant meat online these days." Yes, yes you can. You really could make this, but only add the rabbits if necessary because "some people do not like to find a hare in their stew." Hahahahaha.

More to come soon...

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Leah said...

Do you use the leaves from the walnut tree when you make the Bethel Bars?