Thursday, March 25, 2010


This week's favorite thing is the chocolate ice cream soda. I happen to be the great granddaughter of one of the greatest druggists and soda fountain operators in history. My great grandfather, Merlin Arthur (that really was his name, although we called him G.G.), had a drug store in Kansas City where he had an awesome soda fountain. I don't know why we don't have more of those around today--I would go all of the time. Anyway, he taught my grandmother who taught my dad who taught me how to make the most fabulous chocolate sodas. G.G. had his own recipe for chocolate syrup that is top secret--the original is now in the hands of Brother of Ken, who guards it with his life.

When I moved to Maryland for college, I found out that lots of people on the east coast had never heard of a chocolate ice cream soda, so I had to teach them all about it. We used to eat these for dinner when the other food was too horrible for words.

Start with a glass full of vanilla ice cream:

Then add chocolate syrup (I had to use Hershey's this time because I didn't have any already made):

Finish with club soda:


Try it sometime if you've never had one. If you've had one before, but it's been a while, celebrate spring with a yummy ice cream soda.

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